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I crave you like I
Crave an afternoon cigarette,
Burning my throat and
Trapping yourself in
My lungs.
I want you to cover my
Skin like the scars that
Litter my arms and legs do.
I crave you like an
Addict craves his drug,
I need to feel you coursing
Through my veins.
I want your lips to leave
Marks all over my body,
In such a way that I’ll never
Forget what it felt like to
Lie next to you and
Hear the steady beat of your
I want to love all of you
So strongly, that even if, or
When you love another,
You’ll never forget the way I
Kissed your lips and
Sighed your name.
a.a.a (via affairedecoeur)

Like I Had You Before


You are never catching up running,
when I am there.
I don’t want to think ahead,
but I am terrified of getting stuck here.
Now it might be too late
to say it as it is.

We are trying new roads
that seem like they never end.
We have tried catching the other,
but have never succeeded.
I want a last chance,
so I say it straightforwardly.

I want you now,
like I had you before.

I know it is difficult over the telephone,
but when I have you close,
you just want to get away.
I know that you have been thinking,
but say how you feel.

I try meeting other people,
but it is not that easy.
I have tried getting you out of my head
in all possible ways.
It is time to end it,
but it feels so right to stay.

And I want you now,
like I had you before

(Source: aiidii21)

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